domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Fiona Apple's New Album In 2011

5 years after her last official album, the extraordinarily Extraordinary Machine, is reporting that Fiona Apple is prepping the release of a new album by Spring 2011.

First came the news from a recent profile in Modern Drummer Magazine of Fiona
's drummer and co-producer Charley Drayton, on the article they state that
"Drayton, who has toured with Apple since 2006, co-produced and mixed the record, as well as played on it".

And then the second news about the album came from singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, who twitted that "Hate to brag but I heard a couple new Fiona Apple tracks today. Amazing" and also that "Apple's new material should be worth the wait", she shared this info from her Twitter account on Sept. 12, which was one day before Fiona's 33rd birthday.

The tittle of the album and an exact release date is still not known, Spring means the album could be release on either March, April or May 2011, but obviously these are big, big news and I can't wait to hear new music from Fiona!

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