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Brandon Flowers GQ UK

Brandon Flowers talked to GQ UK magazine about his new solo album, touring with and without The Killers and more.

Why a solo album now and what's the status on the band:

"I've always written on the road and just tried to write as much as I can. It scares me, the thought of good songs getting passed up. I had kind of an explosion of ideas while we were touring for Day & Age. A combination of that and a couple of the guys were talking about how they wanted a pretty good break after this album. So it seemed like the perfect time to do it. I've said it before - I'd prefer that it was the Killers doing this. But I can't help that they want to have a break and I can't help that I want to do this. Everyone's looking into it but there's no wedge in the Killers. It's just they need a break and I can't blame them. We talk every now and then. Ronnie sends funny e-mails and stuff like that."

On touring behind the new album:

"I was with people who are pretty creative: producers and guys who aren't afraid to tell me, 'That sucks,' or, 'That's fantastic.' I'm excited [about touring alone], but a little bit nervous. I don't have the catalogue of Killers songs to support me but these new songs are solid. There's a song called 'Crossfire,' which I feel is as good as anything I've ever done."

His proudest musical achivement:

"Lyrically, there's a song on this album called 'From Nogales To Magdalena.' I feel like it's the best lyric I've ever written. It's really just strong when it comes to getting the story across. It's about a pilgrimage in Mexico that takes place every October, where people walk from Nogales to Magdalena. St Francis is going to grant them this thing that they're walking for, whether they're walking for forgiveness or to have a prayer answered or to keep their jobs so they can take care of their family."

Why "Flamingo":

"It's a very iconic image, for me and captures the mythology of Las Vegas. Flamingo was one of the first casinos that opened up. It's a very prominent road in Las Vegas, a road that I have gone down, up and down many times, many miles."

His solo heroes:

"People who have broken away from bands, or just in general? I like a lot of dudes. I've always loved David Bowie. I like Sting. Phil Collins."

On being humble:

"In the early days they tried to pin us as very arrogant. They were looking for a new Liam Gallagher and it didn't work out. I feel like now it's pretty positive, just in the people that I meet and come into contact with. It's a respect that we've kind of lasted, I guess. Outlasted all the hype and everything."

Having said that....:

"People say that bombastic magic happens when we play together, that there's something special about us four playing. I'm so close to it that I don't know."

Brandon Flowers

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