miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor "Cleopatra"

Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift in "A Place In The Sun"

Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman in "Cat In A Hot Thin Roof"

Elizabeth taylor & husband #5 & 6 Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor at the 1961's Academy Awards when she won her first Oscar for Butterfield 8

Elizabeth Taylor aka Miss Hilton- Wilding- Todd- Fisher- Burton- Burton- Warner- Fortensky

Feb 27 1932 Mar 23 2011

Child actress, two time Oscar Winner, eight marriages, Jacko's best friend, close with Rock Hudson and Monty Clift, humanitarian, AMFAR co-founder, scandals, rehab, condemnation from the Vatican, but overall a larger than life woman....

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