domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Kanye West Performs "Power" & "Runway" (SNL) Videos

After the SNL people dissed him not once but twice after the whole Taylor Swift
debacle, Kanye released the song POWER from his yet unnamed new album, which inclues the lyrics:

"Fuck SNL and the whole cast / Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass / More specifically they can kiss my asshole.”

And since his last performance on the show was such an auto tune disaster, Kanye knew he needed to do something big and bold to proof all the haters he was back, first off he made a very radical change to the now infamous line, on the live telecast West sang:

"The brown hero, live from Ground Zero/Machine gun flow, made her get a Ross Perot/And this is disestablishmentarianism / With my night goggles on, got military vision And it's still a very Christian way to think about livin'/ When you prayin' for freedom ’cause your mind been in prison/'Cause they tryin' to control every single big decision."

More importantly the whole white staging and the large group of dancers was amazing, welcome back you crazy, egotistical sonofabitch, I was/am on Team Kanye all the way, swear!!

The two videos below:

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